Scotland most popular destination for honeymooners

Loch Lomond. Picture: Getty
Loch Lomond. Picture: Getty
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A YouGov survey has revealed Scotland is top UK destination for honeymooning - particularly among Scots themselves.

Commissioned by Sykes Cottages, the poll quizzed 2,061 adults about where they would go if they were to honeymoon in the UK, and 26% said they would like to visit the rugged landscapes of Scotland. The South-West of England was the second most popular destination with 24% of the vote, while Wales came in a distant third with 7%.

Additionally, Scotland was home to the highest percentage of respondents who said they would consider honeymooning in the UK - 77%, significantly higher than the UK average of 62%. Almost half of these (46%) said they would choose a Scottish destination for their honeymoon.

The survey indicates that this trend isn’t simply a desire to save money. Although a third of Scottish residents said reducing the cost of their honeymoon was a factor, more than half (53%) said they wanted to explore a new part of the UK. Another 30% were keen to spend less time travelling and get their honeymoon started earlier.

The most popular types of honeymoon for Scottish respondents were luxury breaks and holidays in the countryside, with 42% of the vote for each, closely followed by coastal holidays (38%). City breaks were another popular choice, selected by 23% of people in Scotland - perhaps to explore scenic Dundee, the romantic parks of Aberdeen or the historic grandeur of Edinburgh.

Finally, the poll also suggested that newlywed Scots are not shy when it comes to adventurous places to make love. While 57% of respondents in Scotland said they would keep their honeymooning to the bedroom, more than a third (34%) would make love in the living room, and a similar proportion would venture to the shower or hot tub.

“With its dramatic scenery, beautiful cities and unique culture, it’s no surprise that Scotland is considered an attractive destination for honeymooners who want to stay in the UK,” said Tom Lowes of Sykes Cottages. “It’s interesting to see just how many Scottish respondents would consider a honeymoon close to home, which just goes to show how much variety there is in the country.”