Gold Souk Dubai: Why is it a must see place?

If you're visiting the city of gold, there's no way to skip the stunning Gold Souk Dubai.
Gold Souk Dubai is the world’s only dedicated Gold marketGold Souk Dubai is the world’s only dedicated Gold market
Gold Souk Dubai is the world’s only dedicated Gold market

Al Romaizan, one of the leading gold and jewellery companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council, or GCC, here gives top reasons to why you should head to this unforgettable place.

Gold Souk Dubai is the world’s only dedicated Gold market.

Since a long time ago, Dubai realised the great potential of gold, and more importantly, focusing on the purity of gold in its economy. Gold in Dubai is famous for being the purest and more reliable in all the categories, including 24K, 22K, 21K and 18K.

UAE Government has a very strict and close monitoring process of the goldUAE Government has a very strict and close monitoring process of the gold
UAE Government has a very strict and close monitoring process of the gold
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In fact, The Gold Souk became world-famous because of this reason.

The government of Dubai succeeded to ensure regular verification of the gold being sold. Retailers in Dubai also have to keep all their metrological records for strict verification by the authorities.Located in the Al Dhagaya area of Deira, Gold Souk is considered as one of Dubai’s most important tourist destinations.

Looking back at the time of its establishment in the early sixties, it was the central part of the old city, where the majority of all the commercial activities would happen. Later on, it became very famous that the traders of gold agreed to make a beeline. As a result, it became the largest gold trading centre of the entire Middle East, and one of the world’s most enormous.

The Gold Souk in Dubai is popular for offering a gigantic selection of gold pieces with variety of designs from all around the world. It is home to hundreds of gold shops, some of which have been there for over 4 decades. We guarantee that the market will exceed your wildest gold dreams, and will be one of your favourite places in Dubai, continue reading to find out the reasons.The Gold Souk is The Best Place to Buy GoldIt is known that Deira Souks are one of the most important shopping stops for all the tourists to the UAE, we kindly advise you to check the live uae gold rate before making any purchases.

Accordingly, the Gold Souk is definitely the best place to shop for your gold. If you love gold, this has to be your favourite place, as it is all about stunningly beautiful gold. This gold market will give you the ultimate shopping and memories of the UAE because of the following reasons:

1. Pure Gold:

At the Dubai Gold Souk, you don't need to worry about the purity of the gold at all. As we previously mentioned, UAE Government has a very strict and close monitoring process of the gold which is sold in the Gold Souk shops. Therefore, you can be certain that each and every piece of the gold which you can buy from the souk has already gone through a strict examination at every spot by the policemen. They always make sure that the gold is pure on every level as possible, and is of the best quality.

Furthermore, all the companies and the gold jewellery brands which are selling in the Gold Souk make sure that all the pieces have the “Purity Hallmark” attached to the certification you receive when you purchase gold. So, you don't need to worry about the purity and the quality of the gold you get in the Gold Souk like you might do when you buy gold from other places.

2. Vast Choices And Wide Variety

The Gold Souk Dubai hosts over 300 gold jewellery shops which offer a wide base of popular brands and brands springing up and getting popular from all over the world. It has everything and anything you would want, all you have to do is to choose, you may even get tired of the huge variety of choices there.

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From the most expensive brand to the most affordable brands, the Gold Souk holds every bit for you.

You will notice that each brand in the Gold Souk has its own unique, different style of design which is perfectly catered by the experienced makers. You can visit as many shops as you want to finally get the best gold jewellery piece out of your choice. Don’t hesitate to get going and dive in the beautiful choices and stunning styles they offer!

3. It Is Safe to Buy Here

When you buy gold pieces of your choice from the Gold Souk shops, you are at one of the safest places in the UAE. Bear in mind that every piece of gold you are buying is put under the very strict examination checkpoints by the local police. Therefore, the possibility of you buying stolen gold is definitely non-existent. It is important to mention that the police of the UAE always do a fabulous job to keep everyone safe. So, do not worry, you are all safe here!

Gold Souk Dubai has The Best Prices

Another important fact you need to know about the gold in the Gold Souk is that if you purchase gold here it is Tax-Free, which means it is cheaper than any other place, Dubai is exempted from taxes. It is true that the VAT is added with the service charges that are applied, however, the VAT added is way cheaper when compared with that of the local currency across the world. Another important point to mention is that if you are a tourist to the UAE, you have the right to easily claim the VAT refund in the UAE for all the purchases you have made here.

Moreover, one of the best facts about the Gold Souk Dubai is that you have the complete freedom to bargain with the sellers in order to get the best gold jewellery pieces for you and your loved ones. If you are not used to bargain, you might think it's weird, but at the Gold Souk it is different. Anyone can easily bargain for reduction of the gold jewellery prices there. At a point, the sellers will relate to you and close the deal. All you need to do is to be a little firm, try to apply the right tactics of negotiation to buy with the best price. It will be a great chance for you to practice and discover bargain shopping.

Useful Tips to Buy Gold at Dubai’s Gold Souk

As we have mentioned above, Dubai’s Gold Souk has a lot to offer you and make you amazed with the best purity and quality through their unique gold pieces. When you visit this market, you will find a lot of families and women spending hours and hours gazing at the shops and enjoying walking through the aisles. Before you join them, you need to remember the following tips to make the best out of your experience.

Know The Karat of Gold You Want To Buy:

It is extremely important that you know the type and karat of gold that you prefer to buy from the shops. It will make the process of choosing your gold jewellery pieces easier. Remember to have enough knowledge about karats of the gold jewellery that you are buying from the shops in the Gold souk. You can simply ask the sellers about it, and they will help you better and give you complete guidance. As we have mentioned before, the gold jewellery at the Gold Souk can be 24K, 22K, 21K or 18K, accordingly, the prices will vary.

Take Time To Search The Souks:

We know that it is difficult to resist immediately buying the best gold piece that your mind is stuck at. However, we advise you to check first whether the gold piece that you have selected in one place is available at the other shops, if it is the case, you should compare the prices, because it is possible to find the same gold piece with a lower price. This is why it is important to make sure you do your search in the aisles of the Gold Souk and then make sure to buy your amazing piece with the best price.

Buy from Reliable Shops:

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It's true that the Gold Souk has a lot of reliable shops that sell the best gold jewellery, however you might find many street vendors there selling gold. Therefore, always make sure that you only buy from the shops in the Gold Souk who are under the monitoring by the government to avoid being trapped and fooled.

Fun Activities to Do in Gold Souk Dubai

Dubai’s Gold Souk is not only for buying gold. There are plenty of other fun activities that are going on. You can arrive here before the market opens and take a nice walk around the creek. You can also go to the famous promenade and enjoy watching the gulls making a racket there. Furthermore, you can have a delicious breakfast or meal at the little traditional cafés that you can easily find everywhere. Try the local “Shwarma” and the unique taste of Sulaimani Tea (local tea without milk) and enjoy the best combos.

Furthermore, it is the best place to buy gifts and souvenirs, there are a lot of souvenir shops and dry fruit shops by Iranian vendors. Pick one of the camels with the “I love Dubai” line for gifting or for remembering the trip. There are around hundreds of options there. You can also take a nice walk through the old souk made with traditional wood and, surprisingly, even in hot weather, it is never too hot there due to the smart design of these shops.

Finally, take time to enjoy and admire hundreds of nationalities passing by you, talking in their unique languages wearing their unique clothing style.

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