Edinburgh and Glasgow among best for pet-friendly holidays

Travellers rank Edinburgh and Glasgow as among the most pet-friendly destinations.Travellers rank Edinburgh and Glasgow as among the most pet-friendly destinations.
Travellers rank Edinburgh and Glasgow as among the most pet-friendly destinations.
Edinburgh and Glasgow have emerged as among the top UK destinations for animal lovers who want to bring their pet on holiday.

According to research from price comparison site MoneyPug, increasing numbers of holidaymakers are opting to include their furry friend as part of their travel plans.

And it’s sparked a shift among accommodation providers, pubs, restaurants and attractions to offer pet-friendly facilities.

The recent survey revealed 90% of the 1000 people questioned regard travelling with a pet as standard practice, regardless of where they are headed.

The survey also shows the frequency of pet travel, with 63% stating they have had a pet in tow at least four times over the last year.

Popular destinations

The survey showed travellers rank London as the most pet-friendly destination, followed by Cornwall and Manchester, with Edinburgh, Glasgow and York also featured highly.

Pet owners also appear happy to travel outside of the UK with their animals, with France and Spain the most frequently visited overseas destinations.

Paris, Alicante, Malaga, and Ireland also made the list, as did the Netherlands and Belgium.

While dogs are typically the most popular pets to take on holiday, owners also are said to travel with cats, rabbits and even birds.

Safe travels

When it comes to getting from home to holiday spot, most pet owners in the UK – 89% of those questioned in the survey - opt to travel by car.

Caravan travel accounted for a further 19% followed by train, boat and bus.

Once at their destination, the survey showed British holidaymakers look to involve their pets in the holiday experience, taking their pets to pubs and restaurants, shopping.

However, according to CEO of MoneyPug, Lee Whitbread, owners should be aware of special considerations when it comes to travelling with their pets.

And he warned that pet owners should take extra precautions, especially when going overseas.

“Although the travel industry overall is easing the process for bringing pets on holiday, the unexpected can happen as many pets are unpredictable in new circumstances.

“To avoid the added cost of injury or illness while away, pet owners would be savvy to secure pet insurance before their next getaway.”

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