Tom Kitchin previews new Stockbridge restaurant

CELEBRITY chef Tom Kitchin has treated regulars at his award-winning restaurants to a sneak preview of the “scran” on offer at his new gastro pub.

Michelin-starred chefs Kitchin and Dominic Jack will open the Scran and Scallie in Stockbridge on Sunday.

The pair are keen to ensure drinkers and diners enjoy traditional Scottish fayre and ales in a relaxed, family-friendly environment.

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Jack said: “We don’t want to sound big-headed, but we know the place is likely to be very busy. We’ve already been inundated with bookings, but we want this to be somewhere people feel they can just wander in, and enjoy some great food and drink.

“On that basis, we’ve made a decision to limit the number of pre-bookings that can be made for any given day.”

Regulars from the Kitchin and Castle Terrace enjoyed their first look at the new surroundings last night – as Kitchin’s pregnant wife Michaela buzzed around, making last-minute adjustments.

Kitchin said: “She’s done a fantastic job and really pulled things together in a very short space of time – and she’s due to give birth to twins in a
matter of weeks.”

The walls of the Scran and Scallie are decorated with traditional Scottish recipes and century-old illustrations, discovered by the chefs during “hours and hours and days” spent researching in the National Library of Scotland.

A map with parcel labels detailing where in the country the pub’s ingredients are sourced hangs in front of the main bar, while a glass-fronted children’s play area called Scallies Corner aims to keep little ones busy while parents tuck in to fine food.

Tom said: “Scallies being short for Scallywags, of course. The place really is all about fun, and being a little bit quirky and different.

“You can see that reflected on our menu – or should I say, ‘Oor Menu’.

“We decided to head it in the same way we had seen on the recipes and menus we found in the library, so we also have ‘Yer starters’ and ‘Yer mains’.

“Vegetarian options weren’t really that big back then so we came up with our own for that one – ‘Nae meat, nae fish’.”