These are 11 Scottish first names for girls - what they mean and their origins

Scotland has a multitude of both unique, historic and popular Scottish names for girls, some dating back hundreds of years.

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Here are 11 Scottish first names for girls, what they mean and their origins. Names sourced from and

Meaning: 'graceful' or 'grace'. Origins: Scottish Gaelic form of Anna.

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Meaning: God is my oath'. Origins: Scottish variant of the Hebrew Elizabeth.
Meaning: 'watchful' or 'vigilant'. Origins: The old Scottish-Dalriadan name Greer is derived from the given name Gregor or from the Scottish surname.
Meaning holy or blessed. Origins: The Scottish version of Alice, Aili is pronounced 'ay-lee'.
Meaning: white or fair. Origins: Gaelic Scottish origins. This name remains popular in Scotland.
Meaning: pledged to God. Origins: The Scottish variation of Isabel.
Meaning: lily or lily of the valley. Origins: Latin and Scottish origins. In Scottish Gaelic it is pronounced Lil-e-us.
Meaning: Beloved. Origins: Mairi is the Scottish version of the English name Mary.
Meaning: beautiful. Origins: Scottish. Bonnie is now a popular name is the USA.
Meaning: pearl. Origins: Scottish variation on Margaret.
Meaning: church. Origins: Scottish.