These 21 photos show the dramatic changing face of the Gorbals in Glasgow

FEW areas of Glasgow have changed so drastically in such a short space of time as the Gorbals did in the late 20th century.

High-rise buildings overshadow the Palace bingo hall and Citizens Theatre in Gorbals Street Glasgow in February 1976.

Deprived and overcrowded, the district was a prime candidate for post-war regeneration. Over the course of that decade, the Gorbals’ densely-populated tenement stock was reduced dramatically to be replaced by hundreds of new concrete flats and high rise tower blocks. The demolitions resulted in a population decrease of around 50,000 inhabitants to less than 20,000 in the Gorbals by 1971. Only now, half a century on, is the area’s population beginning to climb again thanks to a new wave of residential construction. We take a visual wander through the G5 postcode as it was before, during and immediately after its post-war redevelopment.

Glasgow Citizens theatre in Gorbals Street in 1961, through fog and rain.

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A view of the exterior of the Caledonia Road Church.
Gorbal re-development - New development in Adelphi Street.
Children of the Gorbals.
The old and the new - Gorbals Cross Glasgow is demolished as the high-rise flats go up in the background in December 1975.
Demolishing houses and burning rubbish in the Gorbals area of Glasgow, December 1967.
Demolishing houses and burning rubbish in the Gorbals area of Glasgow, December 1967.
Little boys show off their Xmas presents (including astronaut suits and Space Hoppers) in Crown Street in the Gorbals area of Glasgow in December 1970.
Aerial showing Hutchesontown multi-storey flats.
Children of the Gorbals.
Nicholson Street (Apsley Place) in the Gorbals area of Glasgow.
Sandyfaulds Street tenements which were soon to be demolished.
A back court scene in Florence Street.
Boys playing on the bars of a Glasgow Gorbals playground.
The Queen Elizabeth flats designed by architect Basil Spence.
Demolition in Mathison Street.
Old and new housing - changing face of the Gorbals.
Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh visited to see the latest developments of the Gorbals regeneration scheme.
Queen and Duke in the Gorbals.
Queen and Duke in the Gorbals.
Children, cats and dogs in Nicholson Street.