The Poltergeist of Pollokshields

I think most of us have heard the story of the Enfield Poltergeist.

In 1977 police were called to a home in Enfield, England after reports of furniture moving and knocking sounds were heard on walls.

Later claims included disembodied voices, loud noises, thrown rocks and toys, overturned chairs, and children levitating.

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Over a period of 18 months, more than 30 people, including neighbours, psychic researchers and journalists, said they witnessed paranormal activity in the home. The haunting of 284 Green Street came to an end in 1979.

But two years before, Pollokshields was home to its very own paranormal activity.

At a home in Maxwell Park, a number of bizarre events took place.

Beds moved across the room with such force that cracks were left in the walls, strange knocking and voices were heard, pictures were knocked off the walls, objects were thrown across the room – sometimes at the family and visitors and many reported the unnerving feeling that on some occasions someone was standing right behind them.

And it wasn’t just a family who reported witnessed these strange goings-on.

As well as doctors, clergymen and spiritualists, Glasgow’s hardened policemen were left terrified after the haunting by the violent poltergeist.

A senior officer told the family: “You know, I had to take some of my men off of that case.

“They were turning in reports like, ‘The bed was proceeding in a northerly direction’.”

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A paranormal investigator teamed up with a priest who supposedly narrowed the activity down to a teenager.

They said he was instead being targeted by the spectres and were forced to perform an exorcism.

Soon after the exorcism was carried out, all the paranormal activity stopped.

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