Fortnite live event: When is the Fortnite live event in the UK and how to take part

Close out the season with a Fortnite live event this week.

At the end of each season of Fortnite, Epic Games often host a global live event.

This week sees the end of not just a season but the second chapter of Fortnite that has spanned the last two years and eight seasons.

That means fans are expecting big things from the upcoming live event.

Here’s all you need to know about the next Fortnite live event and how to take part in the UK.

When is the Fortnite live event in the UK?

The live event will take place on Saturday December 4th at 9pm UK time.

You’ll only be able to participate live, so if you miss it, there’s no playing gain later.

Get in line to play the biggest event of Fortnite's season - and even this chapter. Photo: Epic Games.

To try and secure a spot, you can wait in the virtual queue for half an hour before it begins, so from 8.30pm.

Make sure to edit any settings you want to change ahead of time, as you won’t be able to change them once the event has started.

As this season will end a day early as the event begins, Epic Games has also promised a 225,000 XP reward to anyone who logs in before the end of the season.

Plus, anyone who battles it out in The End will unlock a special Loading Screen and Wrap.

Get ready for The End. Photo: IGDB.

You can play in squads of up to 16 players, so get in touch with your fellow gamers in advance to form the perfect team.

There’s scarcely more information than the name available so far.

All we know is that it's called ‘The End’ and that it will be “one last stand for the fate of the island”, according to Epic Games.

Judging from the little Epic Games has shared, we can expect the event to focus around the Cube Queen who many players will have seen floating over her pyramid of cubes.

After the last live event at the close of a chapter, Epic Games took a short break before coming back with a whole new map.

This could indicate that chapter three will bring a new look to Fortnite, despite the scarcity of even rumours about what to expect.

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How to take part in the Fortnite live event in the UK

Before the end of the season, make sure to wrap up any remaining quests and unlock the last rewards, as you won’t be able to take them with you into next season.

You also won’t be able to carry your Bars with, so make sure to make the most of Fortnite’s Bargain Bin Week, which started on November 30th, to make the most of them while you can.

Any unused Battle Stars will be automatically redeemed for the earliest available rewards.

To take part in The End, you’ll need to log in at 8.30pm UK time to secure your place.

Judging by the popularity of previous events, you won’t want to be late if you’re keen to take your spot in The End squad and face down the Cube Queen for the last time.


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