TECH TALK: Healthy and user-friendly Appy meals with the wifi-enabled Proscenic T22 Air Fryer

IN this day of wi-fi-controlled home devices it's been great to check in on my home's security cameras or record a TV programme from, say abroad on holiday, ready for us to watch on our return.

So how about, again on the way home, setting your air fryer to cook your favourite meal to be waiting for you, hot and ready to eat the moment you walk through the door!

That is now possible with Proscenic, whose T22 air fryer follows 'hot' on the heels of its T21 popular predecessor and again enjoys wi-fi operation via the Proscenic App, available free from Play Store for Android and the Apple Store.

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Ok, a bit of preparation is needed to cook from afar - and I wouldn't recommend leaving your uncooked chips in the cooking basket for more than a day - but you can do just that, and the app does far more.

The Proscenic T22's manual digital controls are accessed from the top of the air fryerThe Proscenic T22's manual digital controls are accessed from the top of the air fryer
The Proscenic T22's manual digital controls are accessed from the top of the air fryer

My previous Philips model is a great air fryer, but being analogue depends on the user knowing cooking times, heat settings and adjusting the manual knobs accordingly for different foods, and remembering to shake the basket here and there.

Here is where it gets all Smart. Built into the app are dozens of recipes, so as long as you follow the recipe preparation notes in the app, just press the start button and the T22 does it all for you!

Compatible with both Alexa and Google Home, the fryer can be used via voice control – users can effortlessly schedule cooking times, select menus, monitor progress and customise recipes hands free.

The app also features dozens of online recipes and the option for users to share their own with others online. There is even a book included with the T22 featuring 100 easy to learn recipes for beginners in the kitchen. The app also now features a “SHAKE” or flip food reminder, meaning users can be in another room whilst cooking is taking place or watching TV without having to remember themselves. Just listen for the audible beep to shake, and the same beep for when cooking has ended.

The T22 has 11 built-in presetsThe T22 has 11 built-in presets
The T22 has 11 built-in presets

Connecting to the app is fairly straightforward, but worth my going into a bit of detail here. Firstly it runs on 2.4ghz, so if your home runs exclusively on 5ghz, you're going to have issues.

Thankfully most modern wi-fi setups allow for both 2.4ghz and 5ghz to run in tandem - just go into your modem/hub settings and select if not selected already. Once you've downloaded the app, you'll be asked to register, a confirmation code is sent by email, and then you're prompted to connect your wifi air fryer by holding the power button for five seconds wherupon the wifi signal appears on the fryer.

You then go to your LAN settings (where you see all the available nearby wifi networks) and you temporarily connect to the Proscenic one that has just appeared. A few seconds later your airfryer connects and your settings go back to your usual network.

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The T22 digital settings are all on top of the device so to access, you might have to avoid keeping under your kitchen wall cupboards (the device outlines minimum spaces above and to the side for safety/correct operation) but the device is so light it can easily be pulled out and replaced after cooking.

The T22 has a low noise-levelThe T22 has a low noise-level
The T22 has a low noise-level

Proscenic’s TurboAir Technology claims to be seven times more effective than regular air circulation technology, and the T22 reduces 90% of fats contained in foods for an extremely healthy option. The air fryer offers a 360° Steric Air Circulation that heats the food evenly, increasing the cooking efficiency by 30%, whilst still retaining all the nutrients. The T22 also features the Intelligent SuperDenoise Technology to reduce the noise by 20% to maintain a level of 48dB while in use.

With a new space-saving design compared with that of its wider and heavier T21 brother and a capacity of 5 litres, the T22 can cook for up to 4 people. The Air Fryer features 13 cooking functions, which include 11 presents as well as ‘Preheat’ and ‘Keep Warm’.

The 11 one-touch presets matches the corresponding cooking times and temperatures for different types of food such as fries, chicken, steak, vegetables, fish, shrimp, pizza, bacon, onion rings, cake and toast. Some surprising ones there you might say, but the 11 presets allow easy operation without using the app, and of course, you don't need the app to use the T22 if you don't want to. Just select your cooking time and temperature (which can be set to degrees Celsius or Fahrehheit depending on your preference) as you would do with any air fryer.

The T22 can also perform multiple functions at the same time such as preheat and keep warm before starting to cook. It is also possible to manually add cooking time for those who prefer a crispier meal.

App control and dozens of online recipes at the touch of a button on your smartphone - press and cook!App control and dozens of online recipes at the touch of a button on your smartphone - press and cook!
App control and dozens of online recipes at the touch of a button on your smartphone - press and cook!

For an easy clean-up following cooking, the air fryer’s basket, which is made from food-safe materials that are BPA and PFOA free, is coated in non-stick Teflon, allowing it to be removed and cleaned easily in the dishwasher. I prefer to put the inner tray into the dishwasher and hand-wash the basket given its size, but that's down to my personal choice.

I have to say I did find that as, unlike the T21, the basket is now one complete unit, that there is some expansion on high heats and the basket needs a bit of a firm shove back in to resume cooking after the shake prompt. My tip for this is after shaking, wait a minute or so for the tray to cool and contract and it goes back in easily again.

In conclusion, we found meals to be well cooked with the added knowledge that they are likely to be much healthier than conventional cooking and, indeed, other air fryers, and the added bonus of all those delicious recipes available at the touch of a button.

The Proscenic T22 smart Air Fryer is available for £128 on Amazon UK at the time of writing.