Spotify Icebergify: What is Icebergify? How to make an ‘Iceberg’ of your most listened-to Spotify musicians 🎶

How deep does the iceberg of your musical tastes go? You can find out now with Spotify Icebergify.

Spotify users now have a new way to categorise their music tastes and compare them with other users by using Icebergify.

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What is Spotify Icebergify?

Icebergify is the latest website tool which Spotify users can use to analyse and categorise their music tastes.
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Icebergify collects your listening trends data from your top 50 artists across short-term, medium term and long-term periods. It uses this data to create a chart that shows you what artists you haven’t listened to for a few months, or other musicians you’ve only just started listening to recently.

Icebergify takes your top artists and arranges them according to their popularity and obscurity (i.e., how “niche” they are) before allocating them into a category of your iceberg.

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For example if you listen to a lot of BTS, they’ll enter the top iceberg level as they’re highly popular. However, lesser-known bands you listen to will be moved closer to the bottom.

Artists who aren’t in a specific level of popularity will be placed in a level that shows up as blank - so why not mix up your music taste before you share your iceberg on social media?

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How to get Spotify Icebergify

As with most analysing tools on Spotify it’s simple to get started, but remember that you do need a Spotify log-in. Simply go to the Icebergify website, click ‘allow’ when asked to share some permissions to analyse your Spotify account, and then you will receive an iceberg-shaped chart.

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Now, all that’s left to do is save the image: if you’re on a mobile device you can take a screenshot, if you’re on a PC then right click the chart to save the image.

Why is my iceberg not working?

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There have been reports of multiple attempts being required before Icebergify works properly. We recommend refreshing the site and clearing your cookies/site data if it isn’t working before trying again.

Is the Icebergify website safe to use?

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Overall, the answer appears to be “yes!” Icebergify’s creator, Akshay Raj, revealed that he is not planning to monetise the site and leave it free to use. The website also does not save any collected Spotify data. It simply analyses the information and generates an Iceberg chart based on it.

So users can enjoy less Zuckerbergs, and more icebergs.



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