Netflix pie chart: How to learn about your Netflix viewing stats using a Google Chrome extension

Break down your Netflix habits using an online tool

Last week, the internet was flooded with people creating their own Spotify Pie Charts, seeing a visual representation of their music tastes using an online tool. However, Spotify is not the online platform that you can track your likes and dislikes on.

A Google Chrome extension can offer something similar for your Netflix history. Here’s what you need to know about it and how to make your own.

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Spotify Pie Chart: What is the Spotify Pie Chart and how to make your own 🎶

What is Netflix Viewing Stats?

Netflix Viewing Stats is a Chrome extension that can tell you a number of things based on your Netflix account, including how much time you’ve spent watching Netflix overall, the average time per day, and the comparative time you’ve spent on films versus TV shows, among other things.

Everything is broken down into a visual dashboard, complete with pie charts and bar graphs to make it clearer. It was created by software engineer Héctor Martos and is open source, so other developers can take a look at the code behind the extension. It’s available via the Chrome Web Store here.

How to create your own Netflix pie chart

Look back over your viewing history on Netflix with this Chrome extension. Photo: Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images.

Once you’ve downloaded the extension, you’ll be able to view your Netflix viewing activity in the dedicated dashboard. You’ll need to log into your Netflix account and can then switch between profiles if you’ve have multiple.

You can also download your viewing activity in a CSV file for closer inspection, or just browse the dashboard for stats about your history, including various achievements depending on what you’ve watched recently.

A sample of what your Netflix Viewing Stats dashboard could look like. Photo: Héctor Martos.

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