Sweeter celery has fewer strings attached

A new variety of celery is available, initially from Waitrose. Celericious has a sweeter, less aniseed flavour and a slightly less stringy texture which makes it more versatile. It has taken eight years to develop and costs £1.18 a bunch.

Sainsbury’s and the second annual Million Meal Appeal, run by charity FareShare, are looking for volunteers for October 6 when shoppers are urged to buy one item from the Million Meal shopping list. The food is then distributed to needy families across the UK. Find out more at www.fareshare.org.uk

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Lidl specials from August 30 include an electric salt and pepper mill for £6.99 and salad spinner for £2.99. From September 3, snap up a hiking fleece jacket for £11.99; and binoculars for £7.99.