These staycations all give you a chance to marvel at the night skies - weather willing.

Northern Lights Scotland 2022: Here are 10 dark sky staycations in Scotland perfect for seeing the aurora borealis and the night skies

There’s nothing quite like gazing at the enormity of the stars above to put things into perspective, and these getaways will let you see galaxies, constellations, planets from the comfort of your holiday accomodation.

Of course, being Scotland, you can never guarantee the weather – but spring is a great time to look to the skies, with the best chance of experiencing clear conditions during the longer, colder nights.

And, if you’re really lucky, you might even experience the dancing lights of the aurora borealis, without costly flights to Iceland or Scandinavia.

You don’t need any fancy or expensive equipment – a pair of cheap binoculars is plenty for a beginner, while a mobile phone app such as Star Walk can help you tell your Canis Majors from your Ursa Minors.

Keep an eye on the news for any celestial events too – including meteor showers, lunar eclipses, comets and the phases of the moon – so you can time your trips accordingly.

If it’s the Northern Lights you’re most excited about seeing, regularly check of the Aurora Watch website, which measures the all-important amount of solar activity each day, which gives an indication of how likley they are to appear.

The most important thing though is to find a remote place away from light pollution so the stars can really shine.

Here are 10 holiday properties that fit the bill, all of which can be booked on

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