Scotland has a thousand years of history with the Vikings - and Scots still celebrate it to this day

Viking sites in Scotland: These are 13 areas with Nordic history you should visit in Scotland

Long ago Vikings roamed Scotland’s lands and seas.

Scotland has a rich, thousand-year history with the Vikings which shaped the nation we know today.

The Norsemen first crossed the sea from Norway in the eighth century, and quickly settled throughout the Northern isles (Norðreyjar), Hebrides (Suðreyjar), the islands of the Firth of Clyde, as well as on the northern mainland at Caithness.

They had an enormous influence on the language, communities and culture of Scotland, with traditions that are still kept alive to this very day.

Though relatively little is known about their reign, archaeologists have made significant discoveries across Scotland which help build a picture of how they lived and who they were.

Join us now as we journey back to the age of the Vikings. From the islands to the highlands, here are 13 locations you can visit with strong connections to our axe-wielding ancestors.

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