Who could have predicted maskne, the beauty scourge of these strange times? Wearing protective face coverings for long periods can result in the kind of skin breakouts that we thought we had left behind with our teenage years. One product that can help is Clarol's Silver Serum, containing concentrated micronized silver to restore good skin flora and reduce bad skin bacteria to help reduce acne.Clarol Silver Serum, £12.95, www.clarol.co.uk; www.skinshop.co.uk
Celebrate Galentine's Day with the NEW Viva La Juicy Le BubblyCelebrate Galentine's Day with the NEW Viva La Juicy Le Bubbly
Celebrate Galentine's Day with the NEW Viva La Juicy Le Bubbly

Confession: it's been almost a year since our last spa visit. We have untamed eyebrows, unwaxed legs and a DIY pedicure. But as salons remain closed one of our favourite brands has prepared the ultimate beauty night in to brighten winter evenings with a package comprising masks, scrubs, and treats for hands and feet, worth almost £40, though the set retails for £30.

A Magical Night In, £30, www.seoulistabeauty.com

Juicy Couture create beautiful bottles of fragrance that are designed to look gorgeous on your dressing table and this latest pink and gold confection is no exception. The scent, with top notes of pink berries, is sweet and uncomplicated, perfect for the coming Spring. We always think that a Juicy perfume is a great 16th birthday gift.

beauty productsbeauty products
beauty products

Viva La Juicy Le Bubbly, £72, available at Boots

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With make-up taking a back seat during the pandemic and skincare coming to the fore, we are investigating the world of serums and skin polishes and what they can do for our ageing epidermis. Answer: a lot more than you might think. Exfoliation is not just for the youths - a gentle once a week regime can help slough away dead skin to reveal brighter, fresher skin underneath.

Root + Fruit Power Smoothie Skin Polish, £35, www.wildsciencelab.com

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