Middle of Lidl Mysteries: 10 of Lidl’s ‘most bizarre’ middle aisle items that were mocked (or loved) by customers

Lidl’s middle aisle selection, affectionately known as the “Middle of Lidl”, hosts a wealth of items that are not necessarily must-haves but possibly more never-knew-you-needs, ranging from weird to wonderful, or simply both. Here are 10 of the most bizarre.

Fancy going scuba diving, practising your sewing skills, getting into the game of ping pong or becoming a DIY expert?

All of these options (and many more) can become reality during a casual stroll down Lidl’s middle aisle.

The treasure trove of bargains and oddities is regularly updated so if you’re ever uninspired by the current selection then a new one is always around the corner.

Recently, it was announced that Lidl was cutting back on its non-food products after ‘Middle of Lidl’ lost its “appeal” and sales dropped below a 10% share of Lidl’s total business, according to a report by the RetailGazette.

So, to remember the weird and wonderful diversity of the middle aisle (with varying products per store nationwide), here are 10 ‘Middle of Lidl’ items that caught customer’s eyes from all over the UK.

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