Greggs and Primark reveal latest fashion collection including sausage roll socks, stocked in Glasgow

Greggs has revealed its latest summer clothing collection that will go on sale in Primarks across the UK - it includes sausage roll socks, bucket hats, and Greggs-style cycle shorts.

This new summer clothing range is the second after a previous collaboration in 2022 between the two high street giants.

The original fashion line was met with mixed reactions, however many fans praised the unusual designs.

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Customer Director of Greggs, Hannah Squirrel, said: “The reaction to our first official Greggs clothing collection was incredible and sold out even faster than we anticipated.

Primark has announced the second Greggs fashion collection launching next month in August.

“We’re excited to team up with Primark once again to deliver more fun and unique pieces that Greggs fans will wear with pride across the summer and beyond”.

What are Greggs X Primark’s newest items?

In total there are 21 items up for grabs in the upcoming Greggs fashion line.

The most expensive item is the Greggs varsity jacket going for £25, and the cheapest item is the Greggs tote bag at £5.

The Greggs fashion collection includes 21 different items including Greggs-branded t-shirts.

Here’s the full list of Greggs fashion items due for release:

Greggs Tote Bags - £5

Greggs Blue Clogs - £6

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Greggs Black T-Shirt - £8

Interested in early access? The 'snackfest' bus will pass through Glasgow and 4 other UK cities soon to sell items early.

Greggs Blue Logo T-Shirt - £8

Greggs White ‘Flakes Included’ T-Shirt - £8

Greggs White Mom Jersey Shorts - £8

Greggs Blue Logo Bodysuit - £8

Earlier this year, Greggs released the first designs from its Greggs clothing range, which included many bakery branded 'goods'.

Greggs Black Cycling Shorts - £8

Greggs Black Sliders - £8

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Greggs Blue Logo Bucket Hat - £8

Greggs Socks (pack of 5) - £8

Greggs Blue Logo Bum Bag - £9

Greggs Underpants (pack of 2) - £9

Greggs Basketball Jersey - £10

Greggs Black Logo T-Shirt Dress - £10

Greggs Basketball Shorts - £12

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Greggs Black Sweat Shorts - £12

Greggs Blue Logo Sweat Shorts - £12

Greggs White Cropped Hoodie - £12

Greggs White Hoodie - £16

Greggs Varsity Jacket - £25

Can you pre-order the items before the launch?

Greggs clothing fans will have their chance to grab items before the official launch date if they live in Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Brighton or Manchester.

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Here, a “Snackfest” bus will visit some locations and offer a “mini festival” experience as they sell clothing from the new range.

However, there will be a limit of two items per customer for each product - so choose wisely if you catch the ‘bus’.

What time will the ‘Snackfest’ bus pass through UK cities?

Fans looking for early access to the latest Greggs fashion range can do so at these times in the following cities, exclusively:

Brighton: Jubilee Square, 27 July (11am – 5pm)

Manchester: Cathedral Gardens, 29 July (11am – 5pm)

Liverpool: Liverpool One Paradise Place, 31 July (11am – 5pm)

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Glasgow: Argyle St, 2 August (11am – 5pm)

Newcastle: Northumberland St, 4 August (11am – 5pm)

When is the official launch date of Greggs X Primark’s fashion line?

Greggs and Primark’s latest 21-piece clothing collection will officially hit stores on August 5.

While previously the collection was limited to 60 stores, this time it will land in every Primark in the UK due to the previous line’s success.