Dyson Styling Tour comes to St James Quarter Edinburgh this weekend

It’s a chance to try out their hair products

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Dyson tourDyson tour
Dyson tour

I’ve coveted a Dyson Supersonic hair-dryer since they were launched back in 2016.

They require a rather large outlay though, with prices starting from, cough, £329.99. That’s more than their entry level vacuum cleaner.

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For those who’ve spent a while swithering over the purchase, the brand is popping up with the Dyson Styling Tour at Edinburgh’s St James Quarter from November 3-6.

You’ll find them in a circular construction that echoes the shape of this gadget. Inside, there will be an opportunity to check out and experience their products, which include the Airwrap Styler and the Corrale Straightener, as well as the newest Airwrap Multi-Styler. You can also take a look at their special edition Vinca Blue and Rose colourway, with their ceramic finish, and decide whether to put it on your Christmas list.

Book in advance for gratis 30 minute dry-styling appointments - choose from Beach Waves, Smooth and Voluminous and others - at dyson.co.uk/stylingtour

In advance of their visit, I tried one of their classic Supersonic hair-dryers in the limited violet and metallic pink shade. For someone with cavewoman hair, this might be a game changer.

I usually only wash the thicket twice a week, since I hate the whole process. It’s a depressing chore.

First of all, this device is so light in comparison to my old £20 hair-dryer, which gave me a single bicep workout. It’s quiet too. The controls are idiot proof, with an on and off switch, and buttons to control the heat and power, each of which have three settings. Usually, it takes about 30 minutes for me to blow-dry my wig. At that point, it’s still a bit damp at the nape, so I’ll give up and tie it back. In contrast, the Dyson took 15 minutes, and it doesn’t feel like being in a wind tunnel.

This version comes in a presentation case that contains five attachments. Each of these satisfyingly clicks onto the barrel, using magnets.

I didn’t bother trying all of them. The Diffuser is only going to inflate my mane, and I’m not sure I need the Gentle Air Attachment for sensitive scalps and fine hair. I love the Wide-Tooth Comb, and the Styling Concentrator nozzle, for smoothing. It left my hair very shiny. I was dubious about the Flyaway Attachment at first, but it’s essential. Apparently, it uses the aerodynamic Coanda Effect, in the same vein as their Airwrap. It resembles a broad hook, and you use the convex side to smooth down sticky-up tendrils that pop up. I have many of them. Or I used to.

Suffice to say, my old hair-dryer can get in the bin.

Vinca Blue and Rose special edition is £359.99 from Dyson, www.dyson.co.uk