Dermalogica open first Scottish store in Glasgow's Princes Square, review

You can shop, get advice and experience a treatment in this multipurpose space

Dermalogica Glasgow
Dermalogica Glasgow

If you need to be guided through the bamboozling world of skincare, visit Dermalogica’s first Scottish store.

This Californian brand, which was established back in 1986, is now in Princes Square in Glasgow. The “immersive skincare space” is a futuristic-looking venue, almost all in white, but do not be intimidated.

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They do have a retail area, if you want to be left to your own devices, but there are also plenty of expert therapists on hand.

I’m in search of one of them, as I’m here to try the 30-minute version of their Pro Skin Treatment, and there’s also a 60-minute session available if you want longer.

Although they offer other therapies, including Nano Needling and a Pro Peel, this is a good introductory therapy as it’s tailored to whatever skin concerns you have on the day.

It starts with a thorough consultation, which takes place at another zoned space, where I have my herbal tea. My therapist asks me loads of questions about my diet, lifestyle and what products I'm currently using. I have a moan about my dry and wrinkly skin, which seems more sensitive than usual. I blame the weather.

Then she takes me to the back of the space, where I clamber onto a reclining chair that’s surrounded by a horse-shoe shaped screen.

Nobody else can see me, but I can hear all the sounds of a busy shopping centre, including excited festive chatter and the clink of cups from a cafe outside. The white noise makes me sleepy.

The next half an hour consists of a deep cleanse, and the use of a tiny squeegee-like contraption to really slough the epidermis. There’s the application of a serum that they layer underneath a mask, some relaxing massage and cold probes to calm any sensitivity.

Apparently, they can occasionally deploy ultrasound, LED or microcurrent technology in this treatment.

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Some of the products that are used are professional use only, though you can buy others. After my time is up, my therapist talks me through her findings and what products she recommends. These include the Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator, which is one of their classic products, Intensive Eye Repair, Ultracalming Serum Concentrate and Precleanse Cleansing Oil.

If you’re the sort of person who goes blank when faced with a shelf of products, it’s worth trying this box fresh store. I’m not sure I would’ve picked any of these potions on my own, but I’m convinced that they’d work wonders.

Pro Skin Treatment, £50 for 30 minutes, at Dermalogica, Princes Square, 48 Buchanan Street Glasgow,



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