Recipes: Three Italian recipes by Mattia Camorani

Try out these recipes which were created by Mattia Camorani, head chef at Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh.

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Risotto with radicchio and red wine

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Serves 4


2.5 litre chicken stock

1 small onion

50g butter

400g carnaroli rice

200ml red wine

1 head of radicchio salad (chopped)


75g cold diced butter for the “mantecatura”


Bring the chicken stock to the boil.

Chop the onion and then cook in a separate pan with the butter.

Add the rice to the onion and toast it a little bit. Add and the red wine and let it evaporate.

Once the wine is evaporated, put enough boiling chicken stock to cover the rice.

Cook gently for 18 minutes by adding one ladle of chicken stock at the time.

After ten minutes, add the radicchio salad.

After a further five minutes, stop adding the chicken stock. To finish the risotto “mantecatura” with a wooden spoon, vigorously beat in the cold butter. Taste for seasoning.

Serve the rice on the dish, lay a spoon in the risotto and serve a dash of the red wine in it.


Serves 4

Mascarpone mousse


300g mascarpone

115g eggs

56g caster sugar

20g Marsala

20g Amaretto

6g gelatine leaves


Wash the gelatine leaves with cold water and ice, and put the mascarpone in a bowl.

Put the eggs and sugar into a food mixer and whip it until it reaches sabayon texture (foamy) and while the eggs are mixing, warm up the Marsala and Amaretto together.

Add the gelatine and whisk until it is melted and add the alcohol mix to the mascarpone.

Whisk until it is all mixed in together and add the eggs.

Pour them into the mascarpone a bit at a time, to ensure little air is lost.

Do not make the mascarpone mousse until everything else is ready (Savoiardi biscuit, glasses, crumble).

Gelatine coffee Savoiardi


200ml espresso

2g gelatine leaves

8 pieces of Savoiardi biscuit


Wash the gelatine in cold water and ice.

When the coffee is still warm, add the gelatine in and whisk until it has dissolved.

When the coffee reaches room temperature, soak the Savoiardi and store them in the fridge.

Remaining Ingredients

Crushed amaretti or crumble

Cocoa powder

To Serve

Put some crushed amaretti or crumble in the bottom of the glass and layer with the Savoiardi.

Add some mascarpone mousse, then another layer with the savoiardi and again with the mascarpone mousse. Rest in the fridge until serving. When serving, add some crushed amaretti or crumble on top and dust with cocoa powder.