Rare Scottish sapphires go on sale in Edinburgh

An Edinburgh jewellery expert is offering Scots the chance to snap up a stunning part of the country’s heritage in what could be the perfect present this Christmas.

Your chance to own a piece of Scottish history

Lukasz Sobstyl, founder of Edinburgh Jewellery Repair, has revealed he can access a unique combination of precious gems and materials to create an incomparable piece of bespoke jewellery – including the only gem-quality sapphires ever discovered in the UK.

Following the find by Ian Combe on Lewis in 1994, there are just 80 Scottish sapphires in the world available to buy, meaning you can now own your own piece of history.

Lukasz can pair the stones, which all come with full certification of their provenance, with Scottish gold sourced from the river Tay as well as vintage pearls from Scotland for an unparalleled tribute to the nation’s beauty.

Lukasz and his team of five are among the only jewellers in the city to offer professional antique jewellery restoration

Sourcing the very best local materials is all part of the ethos at Edinburgh Jewellery Repair, where ethical gold and recycled metals are also available; the firm is signed up to the National Association of Jewellers’, the international Safergems scheme and is an accredited member of the Society of British Jewellers.

As well as offering competitively priced bespoke jewellery made in their hand-built workshop in Commercial Street, Lukasz and his team of five are among the only jewellers in the city to offer professional antique jewellery restoration.

“All our work is done in-house by our highly skilled team – we specialise in restoring antique and vintage jewellery,” he explains. “It gives me great pleasure to bring jewellery from the past back into daily use and to see it worn again and appreciated properly.”

Although other jewellery makers may take the shortcut of 3D printing, at Edinburgh Jewellery Repair it’s all about lovingly creating jewellery by hand as well as painstakingly breathing new life into older jewellery.

Edinburgh Jewellery Repairs

“When we are crafting something by hand, we can share regular updates with the customer so they can understand the steps we are taking; this takes persistence and care and really isn’t something that can be done while you wait,” he adds.

If you have a piece you would like transformed, like a family ring that is too damaged or out of fashion, Lukasz and his team can convert it into something more contemporary: prices start at around £500 and the options are as varied as your imagination.

See for yourself the huge range of original hand-made jewellery and restored pieces at 5 Commercial Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6JA – the approachable team will be happy to take a no-obligation look at your jewellery and offer their opinion on the best route back to beauty. Visit https://edinburghjewelleryrepair.co.uk