Watch as couple do impromptu ceilidh dance while stuck in traffic in the Highlands

Picture: Facebook
Picture: Facebook
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A video of the couple dancing the traditional ceilidh dance as been shared and liked hundreds of times on Facebook.

When stuck in traffic most people listen to music, daydream or people watch but not this couple.

After being stuck in a traffic jam for over an hour on the A82 near Loch Lochy in the Highlands, a nearby driver, Linda Welsh, took the video of the man - who appears to be a tour guide - and woman walking through the Gay Gordons dance in a layby.

The video was then shared on Scotland from the Roadside Facebook where it received hundreds of views, shares and likes with one user, Elaine McLachlan, saying: "Seems a good time to learn the Gay Gordon's Ceidlh dance. My gran taught me as a kid and I got sooooooo dizzy!!" with Alison Wilkie adding: "Well!!!what else would you do in a traffic jam" and Brandy Bla commenting: "and people wonder why I preach the value of Scottish public transport. Where else is my busdriver going to have a mini ceilidh with me?"

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