Video: Getting fit in Scotland’s great outdoors

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Getting fit in the great outdoors is a realistic fitness resolution new year gym resolutionaries could have made.

By the middle of January gyms the length and breadth of the country will be overrun with resolutionaries determined to make 2018 the year they get in shape.

Jogging is a popular way of keeping fit in the new year. Pic: Jamie Forbes

Jogging is a popular way of keeping fit in the new year. Pic: Jamie Forbes

The sound of seasoned gym-goers grinding their teeth is audible while they wait longer for equipment so fitness tourists get their selfie angle just right.

If buying a gym membership sounds like a mistake you’re about to make, then stop for a second and consider the alternative.

You have a t-shirt, shorts and trainers, so why not do a web search for a short walking or running route nearby - or better yet, in a scenic locale.

Scotland has some of the best scenery in the world and a much better backdrop than white walls and mirrors. Then there’s swapping out the scent of stale sweat with a breath of the wild.

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If running doesn’t appeal to you then you’re not alone, but hillwalking and hiking. A person weighing 72kg can burn around 440 calories in an hour of hiking in the Highlands.

It’s a bit early for swimming in the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t lochs and beaches that accommodate swimmers, even in January.

Alternatively, if you need a little extra motivation you can download personal trainer apps for your phone to support you on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Some runner companion app games like Zombies! Run gameify your exercise to help keep you interested.

For some people, a January gym membership is the start of a new lease of life, getting fit and feeling happier but there’s no denying the huge number of resolutionaries who won’t stick it out. If you’re on the fence about getting fit or buying a membership, then getting out there into the Highlands, the Trossachs or the Borders could be a happy, cost-effective medium.