The 7 best Youtube channels and online tutorials for growing veg and plants - from Charles Dowding to RHS Beginner's Guide

For those of us who have outdoor space to call your own, there’s no better way to celebrate the good weather than by enjoying a spot of gardening. (Credit: Shutterstock)For those of us who have outdoor space to call your own, there’s no better way to celebrate the good weather than by enjoying a spot of gardening. (Credit: Shutterstock)
For those of us who have outdoor space to call your own, there’s no better way to celebrate the good weather than by enjoying a spot of gardening. (Credit: Shutterstock) | Other 3rd Party

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There’s no time like the present to get stuck into some gardening

As lockdown continues, gardens remain mini oases of calm in a world of great uncertainty - for those lucky enough to own one.

With garden centres reopening, people are set to flock to stores to purchase new, seeds, compost, and planters, to help keep their gardens looking pristine.

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Watching seeds grow, and successfully taming your little slice of nature is extremely fulfilling work and there really is no better way to pass the time, than with a spot of gardening.

So if you’re a beginner to the wonderful world of gardening, here’s a list of the best online resources to get you started.

Charles Dowding

With 35 years experience of growing for market and his home, Charles Dowding is a leading authority on no dig gardening.

No dig gardening helps save time with watering, ensures there are as little weeds as possible and is an easy way for beginners to start growing their own vegetables.

His Youtube channel has a variety of videos covering each season, and a variety of different skills to learn, such as compost making, propagation and water infiltration to name a few.

Sarah Raven

This website provides really helpful tips and explainers for those looking to grow their own vegetables for the first time.

It covers topics such as ‘how to structure your space’ to ‘compassion planting’ while over on her YouTube channel, she covers topics such as how to chit potatoes and how to sow broad beans.

RHS Beginners Guide to Gardening

With the RHS Beginners Guide, easy to digest gardening knowledge couldn't be more accessible. This guide offers a helpful glossary page, converting jargon into understandable terms - something that can put off even the most enthusiastic of would-be gardeners.

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Beginners can also find advice on all the essential topics, from planting, weeding and creating containers, to allotment gardening and growing both fruits and vegetables. If you prefer to watch videos as you go rather than reading guides, you’ll be delighted with their helpful ‘How To’ playlist on YouTube.

Garden Answer

This YouTube channel provides incredibly creative gardening ideas for people who don't own a garden. This is the place to go to if you’ve been wanting to spruce up your empty balcony or window shelves.

One particularly helpful video, teaches you how to make a miniature garden using tools and materials you could already have at home - great if you want to save money or if you find yourself unable to pop to the shops.

BBC Gardening Guides

Once upon a time, the BBC created this handy webpage, filled with easy-to-follow guides on common gardening techniques, from sowing, to pruning and taking cuttings. However, it doesn't stop there.

This is a valuable source for beginners, covering larger topics such as lawn health, organic gardening, growing vegetables and even a bit of woodwork, for example this guide explaining how to build a rustic bench. While the page has since been archived and is no longer updated, this doesn't impact the insightful knowledge stored within these guides.

Thompson & Morgan ‘How to’ Video Library

Another ‘how to’ library comes from seed supplier Thompson & Morgan. This is an easy to navigate digital archive of gardening tips, covering the basics of gardening in a way that's sure to inspire any beginner. Viewers can also join the T&M Gardener's Club to receive helpful emails.

Epic Gardening

Charismatic YouTube channel owner and presenter, Kevin, reveals the secrets of having a green thumb to first time gardeners. If you are keen to discover how to grow anything from succulents and microgreens to house plant care (just to name a few) - this is the channel for you.

Not only are these videos educational, they are also entertaining, such as one particular video that details which crops to grow in a post-apocalyptic world. Watch out for new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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