A few of Scotland's 18 birds of prey.A few of Scotland's 18 birds of prey.
A few of Scotland's 18 birds of prey. | Canva/Getty Images

Scottish Birds of Prey: Here are all 18 of the stunning raptors found in Scotland - and where to see them

Scotland is a haven for wildlife - including some of the most magnificent and fierce birds.

From a Golden Eagle soaring majestically over moutains, to a Buzzard perched on a fencepost next to a motorway - you're never too far away from a bird of prey in Scotland.

Also known as raptors, these are the feathered friends that are top of the foodchain - carnivorous animals that hunt other birds, mammals and fish.

And Scotland is one of the best places to see these remarkable animals, with large populations of birds that are rare elsewhere in the British Isles.

Here are all 18 species - and where you can see them.

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