The puffin is one of Scotland's most charismatic creatures.The puffin is one of Scotland's most charismatic creatures.
The puffin is one of Scotland's most charismatic creatures.

Discover the 10 places in Scotland where you're guaranteed to see puffins - if you time it right

If you’ve never seen the ‘clowns of the sea’ here are the spots you should wing it to.

They’re one of the most interesting and colourful creatures you can encounter in Scotland - but it’s amazing how many Scots have never seen a puffin in real life.

The reason for that is not that they are rare - hundreds of thousands visit Scotland each year - but rather that they only live in particular areas and rarely stray far other than to hunt for food far out to sea.

They also aren’t around all year - living at sea for much of the year and only visiting land between the months of April and August.

In short, you’re going to have to make an effort to sport a puffin as they aren’t going to pop up in your back garden anytime soon.

While the gloriously-beaked birds arrive in Scotland in April, May-June is the best time to go on a puffin watching trip as you’ll have a chance to see them in action, partaking in courtship rituals, breeding, nest-building and chick-rearing (a puffin chick is adorably called a puffling).

As to where to go - here are 10 top spots which mean, unless you live in the far south of Scotland, you’re probably not more than a couple of hours away from a puffin.

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