Scottish Autumn: 16 Places to admire the best Autumnal colours of Scotland starting with Arthur’s Seat

If you love stunning Autumn colours, mild temperatures and no pesky midges (bugs) then you’ve come to the right place - assuming Scotland is the place you’ve come to as the scenery in Autumn is jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

The Autumn season ignites the Scottish landscape with a vibrant collage of bright colours, seeing our trees transform from deep greens to an exquisite display of orange and brown hues.

With Scotland being a bastion of beauty famed for its iconic landscapes that have graced many a Hollywood title and even seen the country voted ‘the most beautiful country in the world’ in previous years, now is a perfect time to visit.

Want to discover the best of Scotland’s Autumn scenery? Here are sixteen beautiful places in Scotland to see the autumnal colours at their best.