Avengers Endgame: This is the Scottish fishing village used for 'New Asgard'

Avengers: Endgame has predictably taken the world by storm, smashing box office records.
The pretty coastal town of St Abbs is home to just 100 residents. (Picture: Shutterstock)The pretty coastal town of St Abbs is home to just 100 residents. (Picture: Shutterstock)
The pretty coastal town of St Abbs is home to just 100 residents. (Picture: Shutterstock)

Cinemas are still packed with superhero fans weeks after the film’s release, and the stars are likely to be household names for years to come.

Which is why a Scottish village’s cameo inclusion in the world-beating film is made all the more exciting.

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St. Abbs in Berwickshire makes an appearance in the multi-million-dollar blockbuster, standing in as New Asgard, and already tourists are flocking to the fishing village.

‘I was crying’

Austrian Marvel fan Anna Potocka was holidaying in Scotland, when she stumbled upon ‘New Asgard’ almost by chance.

She was Geocaching in the area and had followed her GPS to the next cache.

"We looked down and saw the view was New Asgard,” she told the Daily Record. “I was just crying.”

Scotland has had a bit of a history with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Scenes for 2017’s Avengers: Infinity War were shot on Edinburgh’s Cockburn Street and Royal Mile.

Waverley Station served as the backdrop for an epic fight scene between some of the movie’s biggest stars, and outside of the city, Fife was used extensively in the filming of the first Captain America film, shot in 2011.

Tourism boost

St. Abbs has a tiny population of around 100 permanent residents, but the influx of tourists means its streets might soon be heaving with fans.

The imposing St. Abbs House, which overlooks the sea, stood in for Thor’s fictional pub The Cormorant and Tun, which in the film serves haggis and Cullen skink.

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Fans were delighted to see another reference to its Scottish connection with a bottle of Irn-Bru in one shot.

Filming took place over two days in May 2017, and strict security measures meant the area was cordoned off to deter would-be spoiler-hunters.

Local resident Rachel Crowe, who was an extra in the film, told the Daily Record that the experience of shooting the film was “great fun and very exciting".

“I spoke to Mark Ruffalo,” she said. “He was a really nice guy, he had a CGI suit on, and Chris Hemsworth came down in a Range Rover – he was quite a presence.”

Marvel thanked the village for their hospitality by donating to the local self-funded independent life boat crew.

VisitScotland regional leadership director Paula Ward said: “It is fantastic to see the region take on a starring role in one of the year’s biggest blockbusters – propelling the spectacular Scottish Borders’ coastline to audiences and fans of the Avengers franchise across the globe.”