5 of the best beaches near Glasgow

You don’t have to travel far from Glasgow to access some of the country’s finest beaches
Irvine Beach is located just 30 miles from GlasgowIrvine Beach is located just 30 miles from Glasgow
Irvine Beach is located just 30 miles from Glasgow

Nicknamed ‘dear green place’ Glasgow isn’t short of luscious green spaces to bask in the sun – however the city is lacking in its access to beaches, whether they be sandy stretches or pebble strewn spans.

Travel west from the city, however and it wont be long before you find some of Scotland’s best beaches, from Irvine in Ayrshire to Luss on the banks of Loch Lomond.

Here are just five of the best beaches near Glasgow:

  1. Irvine Beach
  2. Newton
  3. Boden Boo
  4. Pencil Beach, Largs
  5. Luss
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Note: Scotland currently remains in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and therefore this list should merely serve as inspiration for future trips.

1. Irvine Beach, Ayrshire

Located just over 30 miles southwest from Glasgow, Irvine Beach is a gorgeous stretch of golden sand nestled at the mouth of the River Irvine.

Hemmed in by grassy dunes, the beach is a wonderful vantage point to view Arran and Ailsa Craig – and given its proximity to the city you can make a last minute dash should the weather be clear.

The town of Irvine itself is well equipped with restaurants and cafes for sunbeaten visitors, including the warm and welcoming Niche Restaurant.

2. Newton Beach, Millport

It may involve a short boat trip, but Newton Beach’s inviting white sand and the charm of Millport make it a journey worth making for city slickers.

Situated on the Isle of Cumbrae, Newton Beach boasts one of the finest vantage points in southwest Scotland, serving up fine views of the Clyde Estuary.

Millport is a treat in itself, hosting the country’s smallest cathedral, as well as the engaging Robertson Museum and Aquarium.

3. Boden Boo

Situated in the shadow of the Erskine Bridge, Boden Boo is a labyrinth of woodland trails leading to a dark sanded beach on the bank of the River Clyde.

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The network of trails and the combination of woodland and seaside make it a cracking spot to take energetic kids and dogs.

Bowling Harbour, the western gateway to the Union Canal, is a short drive away and makes a great spot for a picnic.

4. Pencil Beach, Largs

Taking its name from the towering monument which commemorates the Battle of Largs, this shallow and sheltered beach is ideal for kids.

The calmness and the depth of the water make it an ideal spot to teach young swimmers, while the size – just 300 metres – means that even the most elusive toddlers will remain in sight.

Largs itself is spoiled with family-friendly cafes, including the famous Nardini’s ice cream parlour.

5. Luss

The banks of Loch Lomond are punctuated with delightful views of the body of water and the towering Munros and Corbetts which almost surround it.

Luss Beach is arguably the best spot to set up camp for the day, however, with its soft and inviting sandy shores and its impressive view of Ben Lomond.

Luss itself is a picturesque village which has served as a settlement since medieval times. The Village Rest is a cracking that serves up nonsense-free pub classics.

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