New life-saving defibrillators for Fife

Fife has received ten new defibrillators thanks to a recent St Andrew’s First Aid programme.

New defibrillators for St Andrews First Aid - pictured is Jacine Clark, Queen St Company, volunteer first aider

First aiders who attend events across the Kingdom will have to the life-saving kit.

This will ensure that members of the public have trained experts on hand should they experience a cardiac arrest emergency.

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St Andrew’s First Aid, Scotland’s only dedicated first aid charity, purchased the defibrillators at a cost of £180,000 as part of its mission to create a nation of life-savers.

The charity’s volunteers provide first aid cover at more than 2,000 events across the country each year.

Stuart Callison, chief executive, said: “We are committed to making sure the people of Scotland are kept as safe as possible at any event or community that we have membership in.

“No-one should die because they needed first aid and didn’t get it.

“This is a huge investment for the charity, but we believe it is worth every penny to ensure our volunteers are working with the best and most up-to-date equipment available, to allow them to carry out their roles effectively and efficiently.”

The investment is a major step forward for Scotland. Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is an important health issue in the country. Around 3,000 casualties each year will have resuscitation attempted after a sudden cardiac arrest in the community, but only around one in 12 will survive to hospital discharge. “