Financial planning for retirement is easier with Johnston Carmichael Wealth

Life in 2021 is pretty fast-paced, and it’s easy to ignore your retirement beyond dreaming of what you plan to do with it. Every generation, however, has had to temper their hopes and expectations with the reality of goalposts that always seem to be moving.

That’s where the people at Johnston Carmichael Wealth can help. In this video - the first of four you’ll see on The Scotsman this month – the company’s Head of Planning Stuart Walker discusses the price of life today, and the questions you’ll have to ask yourself, including the big one: “Can I afford to retire?”

The time to act is now, so take just a few minutes of your time to watch this video, and then visit the Johnston Carmichael Wealth website for more information on how they can guide you through this important discussion, and set you up for the future you want to have.

If you prefer, you can also fill out this Google Form.

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