Fuel prices: How to find the cheapest fuel prices in your area and make your fuel last longer

As fuel prices continue to rise, here’s how to find the cheapest fuel prices near you and get the most out of the fuel you buy.

Driving more efficiently can reduce the time between fill ups to save you money in the long run. Photo: 89Stocker / Canva Pro.
Driving more efficiently can reduce the time between fill ups to save you money in the long run. Photo: 89Stocker / Canva Pro.

The average cost of filling a typical family car with petrol could exceed £100 for the first time on Wednesday. Data firm Experian Catalist said a litre of petrol cost an average of 180.7p on Tuesday.

That was an increase of 2.2p compared with the previous day. This was the largest daily jump on 17 years, according to the RAC. A similar increase on Wednesday will take the average cost of a full tank for a 55-litre family car to more than £100 for the first time.

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In the Spring Statement a few months ago, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a 5p cut to fuel duty, calling it “the biggest cut to all fuel duty rates – ever”. Nonetheless, prices at the pump are seemingly not reflecting the fuel duty cut, so finding ways to reduce fuel spending has never been more important.

Fuel prices are one of the key areas where increased costs are being noticed as costs of living continue to rise. Photo: Natnan Srisuwan / Getty Images / Canva Pro.

Here’s how to find the cheapest fuel prices near you and maximise your fuel efficiency, according to advice from MoneySavingExpert.com.

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How to find the cheapest fuel prices near me

Using fuel price comparison websites like PetrolPrices.com can help you to find the cheapest fuel prices near you. You’ll need to sign up to the website first, then simply type in your postcode to find the most convenient cheap fuel pumps in your area. There’s also a mobile app that you can use while on the go.

Petrol Prices covers around 8,500 pumps across the UK and the results are updated to the most recent available data, usually between one and four days. The savings may only show up as pennies, but MoneySavingExpert.com reports that this can represent savings of up to 7%.

Other ways to pay less for your fuel are by making the most of loyalty schemes, particularly supermarket ones like Morrisons and Tesco. You could also pay for your fuel using a cashback card, meaning that you get money back from what you spend.

How to make the most of your fuel

There are also some car maintenance tips that can help your fuel to go further. Keeping your tyres inflated and free of unnecessary weight, like roof racks and boot clutter, can improve the fuel efficiency of your car.

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Plus, time your fuel fills to keep your car lighter. If you always fill up halfway, your car will be less heavy and therefore drive more efficiently. At the same time, always fill up 50 miles before your tank is dry so you don’t need to panic and go to the nearest fuel pump, rather than the cheapest.

What’s more, driving more efficiently can help your car run smoother. Tips include changing up a gear sooner, accelerating and braking smoothly, and reserving your cruise control for the motorway.

All of these tips will mean you conserve your car’s fuel energy for only when it’s absolutely necessary, rather than causing various unnecessary fuel – and money – drains that could easily be avoided.

Some of the ideas may only save you a few pennies here and there, but every little counts when it comes to big weekly or monthly spends like fuel costs. Keep an eye on Petrol Prices’ website and app as well, as various temporary deals are often advertised that can save you money or offer you benefits when you fill up at certain locations, such as money off your food shop or other necessities.



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