Lynn O’Rourke: ‘I got rid of all the too-small, too-old, too-ugly coats and cagouls’

I HAVE been trying to streamline our home life – again – in a bid to make it to the car in the morning without returning to the house half a dozen times. Progress to date has involved clearing the passageway to our garage, where coats, boots and shoes converge, assaulting me from all sides as I attempt to squeeze past.

This area is now working well, largely because I’ve chucked everyone else’s stuff out and am using it as my own personal coat-donning space.

I got rid of all the too-small, too-old, too-ugly coats and cagouls, as well as the bargain buys that never were, and released the lovely Hang-It-All coat rack in the hall from several layers. I found a basket for hats, scarves and gloves, and stuck that by the front door so that:

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a) I would never send either of my children out in the cold again without a hat, scarf or second glove, thus reducing the bad mother marks that rack up against me on a daily basis.

b) We would never be late for school again because we were looking for a hat, scarf or second glove. (Another bad mother mark rubbed out.)

c) My children would be wearing coats instead of looking at me blankly as I screech, “Where are your coats?” at 8.30 every morning.

What are the chances we make it a week without a single un-motherly screech?

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