Letter: Unionist coalition

IF IT is true that David Cameron is “desperate” that Scotland is not lost to the Union (Inside Politics, 27 December) it is high time that he did something about it.

Scott Macnab’s analysis that “there appears to be no coherent strategy among unionist parties on how they can best deal with the Nationalists” is correct. The problem for Mr Cameron is that while a Tory Prime Minister in London heading up a pro-Union campaign might play well in England, it will not have the same appeal in Scotland.

As the independence referendum looks like being confined to the Scottish electorate, that creates a dilemma. So, how should Mr Cameron solve it?

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He needs somebody in Scotland outside the party political tent to launch and direct the pro-Union campaign – someone under whom the unionist parties might be willing to coalesce and who, at the same time, can galvanise ordinary pro-Union support. There is no shortage of suitable candidates. He needs to stop dithering and do it.

Ian McKerron

Lawn Park, Fairways

Milngavie, Glasgow