Let the spa come to you with Skype-based consultation service

A skincare consultation by Skype brings the experts to your home, wherever you are
Face the Future run a Skype-based consultation serviceFace the Future run a Skype-based consultation service
Face the Future run a Skype-based consultation service

The treatment

A free Skype Skincare Consult from the aesthetic professionals at Face the Future.

Why go?

You don’t have to go anywhere, as the specialists at this Wakefield-based clinic will look at your fizzog via the magic of Skype or FaceTime. If you’ve got a tricky skin condition – acne, say – or want to fight the ravages of ageing, they can give dermatological advice that goes beyond what most department store beauty counters can offer.

Our spy says

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It’s official, I’m a Luddite. After I’ve e-mailed my consultation form to Chloe at Face the Future, she attempts to contact me for the third time via FaceTime on my iPhone. It rejects her calls. I give up and e-mail her a hugely unflattering filter-free selfie instead. (Oh well, one has to be honest).

After examining my picture and form, she phones to ask about my skin concerns, which include fine lines and open pores, and runs through my current regime.

She knows her stuff and has potential remedies for all of my facial maladies. Apparently, to prevent my oily T-zone, I should be using a cleansing milk to protect my acid mantle (the film on the skin that protects against bacteria), and should avoid anything that makes my skin feel squeaky clean.

To tackle dryness on my cheeks, she suggests hyaluronic acid, which she recommends I use alongside the needle-covered implement that is the derma roller (gulp). According to her, this device works in a similar way to aerating a lawn and can make the products penetrate deeper. She says vitamin A should help to repair cells that have been damaged by UVA and UVB rays. Then there’s vitamin C, which is a strong antioxidant to help with broken capillaries.

To prevent the Scottish sun from hammering my skin further, an SPF 50 is a necessity. I know I should have been using sun protection already, but I forget. Slap on wrist.

She prescribes a number of products at our consultation, and sends these to me tout suite.

The postie presents me with a box full of stuff: the terrifying looking implement that is the Mesotech Derma Roller, £90; Dermaviduals Milk Cleanser, £25; Dermaviduals Serum £25; Dermaviduals High Classic Moisturiser, £45; plus Heliocare SPF 50, £19.95.

The verdict

I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and nice smells, so using cosmeceuticals does take some of the joy out of my beauty routine. However, this tailored selection of products is doing its job and my skin definitely looks glowing and less oily in parts. I’m sure it would improve further if I ever pluck up the courage to use the derma roller.

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