Kilted yoga instructor to release Scotland picture book

The Scot credited with inventing the '˜kilted yoga' craze has announced plans to release a picture book marrying yoga and Scotland's beautiful landscape.

Finlay Wilson (right) and Tristan Cameron-Harper show off their yoga skills in Glasgow. Picture: John Devlin

Finlay Wilson, 30, from Dundee, shot to fame after publishing a number of videos demonstrating yoga techniques while sporting a kilt.

And Wilson, who founded Heart Space Yoga and Bodyworks in his hometown, is set to release a picture book titled ‘Kilted Yoga: Yoga Laid Bare’, which will demonstrate numerous yoga positions and sequences with a backgrounds of Scotland’s stunning and rugged landscape.

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Among the locations Wilson visited for the book are Glencoe and the cliffs at Arbroath.

A shot from the upcoming book. Picture: YellowKiteBooks

And he told The Courier that the decision to publish the book came as a result of a desire to help those interested in learning more about yoga.

He added: “I decided to produce something which explains yoga from a beginner’s perspective and shows introductory sequences that build up in levels.

“It just seemed like the logical path as I have had hundreds of people get in touch asking how they get into yoga.

“It was great fun during the shoots — although there were lots of midges which at times made it difficult.

A shot from the upcoming book. Picture: YellowKiteBooks

“On one of the shoots, there were a few tourists watching us then all of a sudden a bus load turned up. I am used to it now so it didn’t really faze me.”

A video shot by Wilson earlier this year, of a kilted yoga session in a Perthshire forest, has been viewed more than 50 million times worldwide since it was uploaded.

In March, Wilson warned that homophobia was on the rise after he was sent hate mail threatening him and his dog Amaloh.

He told The Scotsman at the time: “It is happening more and more.

A shot from the upcoming book. Picture: YellowKiteBooks

“I get it all of the time online, I’m constantly having to block people and delete them. I’m used to it. But this is the first time I’ve had something on my front doorstep.

“It is very different someone on the other side of the planet sending me a message saying ‘I don’t like you, pal’. But this is very invasive - someone in the building where I live saying they want me to leave.”

A shot from the upcoming book. Picture: YellowKiteBooks