Introducing the Scotsman’s photo club

With the success of our Scotland in Pictures feature, where users send in their pictures on a given theme, we have decided to allow you the opportunity to send in more pictures to feature as part of our new photo club. It will be a chance for you to have your work exhibited on the most used newspaper website in Scotland and to get feedback from others users.

The idea is simple: send your favourite pictures from around Scotland, with a few details to [email protected] and with the subject Camera Club. At the end of every month, we will put the best of them online as part of a ‘pictures of the month’ gallery.

Comments will be allowed (as long as there are constructive), allowing other photographers to get in touch and give feedback. Whoever gets the most votes will be crowned picture of the month.

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We will be putting our first selection of pictures live at the end of this month, so get those cameras out and send your pictures in as soon as you can.