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We have a lovely large lodge-style holiday home up north, which we tend to use more in the winter.

We are having it decorated at the moment and I have just ordered tartan armchairs and a subtle tartan carpet. I would like to have a large antler light fitted in the vaulted ceiling but I’m finding it very difficult to find one. D Hunter

A: Interior designer Doreen Smith says, An antler chandelier will certainly give your holiday home a feeling of grandeur and add to the style you are trying to create. Deer shed their antlers naturally each year, which makes every chandelier unique. The French Bedroom company offers a good selection of antler chandeliers in various sizes. A three-light chandelier will cost you £845, with a drop of 50cm x 80cm, with lamp shades costing £905; the five-light costs £895, with a drop of 65cm-90cm x 95cm, with shades, £995; the eight-light costs £1,995, with a drop of 90cm-130cm x 150cm, with shades £2,155.

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Q: I would like colourful kitchen utensils as a gift for a neice moving into student accomodation, so I’m not after anything too delicate, just something fun and practical. A Hanson

A: Cargo has some great colourful utensils ranging from pink and purple spatulas and spoons from £1, to the Fruiti knife block set at £12, striped dip bowls at £4, parrot and peacock mugs at £5 and teatowels at £3.50.

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