The enduring appeal of bungalows.

The evergreen popularity of bungalows - and seven of the best on the market right now

“I would argue pound-for-pound bungalows are the most sought-after properties in Scotland, with many going for well in excess of the home report value.”

Friday, 17th June 2022, 2:30 pm

That’s the belief of David Mooney, managing partner of property experts Pacitti Jones Stirling, but this in itself, he says, has created a problem.

“With an ageing population and people living independent lives longer, there is a real shortage of bungalows available which is clogging up the market for those who want to downsize as there are so few new properties of this kind being built,” David said. “While there is legislation targeted at making homes more environmentally friendly and improving prospects for first time buyers, there is nothing that looks specifically at downsizers and no incentive for house builders to construct more bungalows.

“Bungalows have lots to offer everyone from families to young professionals as they offer many of the advantages of a low maintenance flat but with the benefit of having your own front and back door and a private garden, which is really important especially for those who are working from home.

“People can associate bungalows with lack of space but they can be very deceptive - we are seeing some incredible properties coming on the market with Tardis-like proportions, often with huge kitchen extensions and large gardens with summer houses and space for outdoor entertaining.”

Here are some of the best bungalows currently for sale, and more details on them and others can be found at and

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