The cost of renting near every stop on Glasgow's Subway

We take a look at just how much it costs to live near Glasgow's 15 subway stations.
Picture: John DevlinPicture: John Devlin
Picture: John Devlin

The subway network in Scotland’s biggest city has been in action for more than 100 years and has transported Glaswegians and tourists in their millions around the city.

Its presence has not only changed the landscape of Glasgow, but has had a knock on effect on house prices.

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The system connects in a simple circle route from the city centre, West End and South side with around 13 million people choosing it as their form of transport every year.

Properties in close proximity to stations can be popular among renters, keeping areas within a certain radius of stations continuously in demand.

However, rent prices along the route have been found to differ considerably.

DJ Alexander Lettings found that by alighting at St George’s Cross, rather than staying onto the next station, Kelvinbridge, it may be possible to save £150 a month in rent on a two-bedroom flat.

David Mooney, West of Scotland regional manager for DJ Alexander Lettings, said: “Most West End flats are let quickly and attract high rents but tenants are generally prepared to pay even more if a desirable property has the bonus of being located within comfortable walking distance of Hillhead or Kelvinbridge stations.

“A lot of young professionals living in the West End don’t bother owning a car nowadays and so the Subway is a great asset for getting to and from the city centre for work, shopping or leisure.

“Even in areas south of the river, where the rents are lower, a property will attract a premium if it is within comfortable walking distance of, say, West Street or Cessnock stations.”

A survey carried out by the letting agency found that despite the Subway circle being less than seven miles long, rentals near stations south of the river were significantly lower than those on the north side. One bedroom flats close to Buchanan Street and St Enoch attracted the highest rentals for properties of this size.

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The letting firm discovered that properties near Govan, Cessnock and Kinning Park stations had the lowest rental charges for one bedroom flats while rentals of two bedroom flats were lowest in the vicinity of Ibrox station; those near Hillhead station were highest.

Despite being only a few minutes travelling time from the city centre, properties close to West Street had significantly lower rental costs than those close to Buchanan Street or St Enoch.

We examined the average price of renting options available within a 1/2 mile radius from each station along the route. The homes had to have two bedrooms.

(All prices are listed were found on on 09 February 2016)

St Enoch (G1 4DB)

£1069 - 25 properties available

Situated at the bottom of the busy Buchanan Street and beside Central Station, St Enoch is in centre of the city. Its desired location is reflected in the property costs. Two bedroom rents averaging out at over £1000 per month. Surrounding attractions include Buchanan Galleries and the St Enoch’s Centre.

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Buchanan Street (G1 2JZ)

£936 - 28 properties available

Located in the heart of the city centre means rental prices in and around Buchanan Street are almost double that of other parts of the city. The lowest price property within ½ radius is £520 stretching to £3000.

Cowcaddens (G4 0SN)

£769 - 19 properties available

A short distance from Buchanan Street and close by to Buchanan Bus Station, prices near Cowcaddens subway fall just short of that asked for properties in the likes of Buchanan Street and St Enochs, with the lowest from £650 to £2,730 for a two bedroom. Its location means residents are walking distance from the major travel links and city centre activities including the Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow Film Theatre.

St George’s Cross (G4 9AH)

£849 - 27 properties available

St George’s Cross subway is the first stop on the journey into Glasgow’s West End on the Great Western Road but only a short distance from the top of the city centre. Renters can enjoy the best of both worlds for around £849 a month.

Kelvinbridge (G4 9HG)

£931 - 16 properties available

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Located in one of the most sought after West End areas, properties surrounding the Kelvinbridge subway station reflect this and are have a higher than average price.
Glasgow’s Great Western Road is a short walk away, along with Kelvingrove Park, the Stand comedy club and Botanic Gardens. Renters in this area can expect to pay just around £900 a month for a two bedroom property.

Hillhead (G12 8SH)

£1012 - 21 properties available

Hillhead subway is situated in the heart of Glasgow’s West End area - notorious for more expensive rent prices. The lowest price per month for a two bedroom is £750, significantly more than the outskirts of the city centre. The stops proximity to Ashton Lane and the University of Glasgow makes it a popular area for young professionals and well heeled students.

Kelvinhall (G11 5RA)

£940 - 17 properties available

Kelvinhall subway is sandwiched between Patrick and Hillhead, just off Dumbarton Road. It sticks with the general cost of West End rentals, averaging at around £940 a month.

Partick (G11 6DB)

£885 - 22 properties available

Patrick subway and train station have recently been refurbished and now handle trains every two minutes, making it a popular place with renters who commute. Although it is part of the city’s West End, rent prices are lower than Kelvinhall and Hillhead.

Govan (G51 2YJ)

£949 - 5 properties available

Rental prices in the Govan area of Glasgow are in the higher price range and average at around £950 per month. Properties are located just a short distance from the recently developed Queen Elizabeth University hospital.

Ibrox (G51 2UB)

£466 - 3 properties available

Ibrox subway is located just off Paisley Road West and is home to lowest average rent prices in Glasgow. Residents are only a short distance away from the city centre through one of the various travel links. Nearby Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow Climbing Centre and Bellahouston Park are popular destinations.

Cessnock (G51 1AS)

£477 - 4 properties available

Properties within ½ mile of Cessnock subway average at around £477 per calendar month. Situated just off Paisley Road West, properties are a short distance from various transport links including subway, train, bus and access to the M8 and Glasgow Science Centre, IMAX and the SECC.

Kinning Park (G41 1AH)

£818 - 3 properties available

Kinning Park subway is located only a few stops away from the city centre and is close to the M8 and M77 motorways, making it an ideal location for commuters. Renters would be expected to pay around £800 for a two bedroom in the area but, with its location between the city centre and West End is a selling point for many buyers.

Shields Road (G5 8QF)

£738 - 8 properties available

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Shields Road subway, just off Kinning Park, is most commonly known for its Park and Ride feature where commuters are offered all day parking and return Subway travel for £2.70. The location is ideal for a fast and easy route into the city centre without the steep rent price tag.

West Street (G5 8NB)

£703 - 9 properties available

Only a few stops from the city centre, West Street subway is close enough for convenience but far enough away that the prices aren’t too steep.

Bridge Street (G5 9NR)

£815 - 18 properties available

Properties located within a ½ mile radius of Bridge Street range between around £500 and £800. Its close proximity to the city centre means it’s possible to avoid paying the steep cost of city centre rent, but being within walking distance of the heart of the city. Venues such as the Citizen’s Theatre and 02 Academy are close by.