The top 12 most popular paint colours for the outside of houses.

The 12 most popular colours to paint the outside of your house to help it sell

Once restricted to certain seaside towns or city streets, painting the exterior of houses has become increasingly popular in recent years.

However, it’s possible not everyone wants to live in a pastel pink house, so what colour exterior paint is most likely to help sell a property?

Research by has found the nation’s most popular paint colours for houses. They looked at online searches for masonry paint - a paint designed especially for use on exterior walls - and took into account different brands and shades of each colour to find the most popular in the UK currently, and therefore more likely to sell a home.

These were the 12 most popular exterior house paint colours and to find out why people are drawn more to certain colours than others, worked with environmental psychologist Lee Chambers to find out what each house colour means and what we find appealing about each shade.

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