Kirsty McLuckie: How to make home improvements suited to a millionaire lifestyle

While most of us can only dream of living in a million-pound property, that doesn’t mean that we can’t take inspiration from them.

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And while you may grumble. ‘What have they got that I haven’t?’ about properties with the biggest price tags, when it comes to interior features the answers are pretty straightforward, according to a study of property data.

Windows and doors company Genesis Collection has analysed adverts for high-end homes for sale to find out what the UK’s million-pound properties have in common.

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The study – which took a look at hundreds of UK properties currently on the market – found a total of seven features that were a recurring theme.

Floor-to-ceiling glass doors are by far the most repeated design element. Whether sliding patio or aluminium bifold, the designs and colours varied by interior theme but the core design concept remained very much the same – a room that includes a huge expanse of glass from top to bottom.

The benefits of allowing so much light into a house is obvious, but it has to be said that this feature only really works if the view is top notch too – so it helps if there are landscaped private grounds or an inspiring vista on the other side of the glass.

Free-standing bathtubs and kitchen islands are also recurring features, but again, these only tend to work if you already have the luxury of lots of space in the house.

Both create a focal point in the room, as do statement fireplaces, which also appear on the list.

Each of the properties analysed all had a very similar approach when it came to layout, with big open-plan living spaces a theme.

Large kitchens continuing into dining rooms, and dining rooms linking into living rooms were both popular designs. Often, this open space is also extended through to an outdoor patio, creating the feeling of an even larger space.

Such features are only present in homes that have the luxury of space, so you may argue that the price tag has nothing to do with the features.

But there are some interior decor themes that crop up time and again in million-pound houses of all shapes and vintage.

Most have a clear decorating style. Although choices and colour palettes may differ from room to room, the general theme of each million-pound property remains the same throughout.

This appears to be standard practice within luxury properties, with consistency leading to an overall feeling within a property, no matter which room you’re in. There were many different decorating styles across the homes analysed, however, the vast majority seem to stick to one clear design, whether that’s classic, regal, or minimalist.

And in addition to structural and design features, each property also featured a selection of bespoke furnishings and ornaments that were present throughout. These included large mirrors, contemporary artwork and ornaments, marble, feature wallpapers and large clocks.

So while you may not be living in a million-pound house, investing in an out-sized timepiece and a mirror or two could certainly lend a little luxury to one corner of your home.

- Kirsty McLuckie is the property editor at The Scotsman