How to carve a pumpkin with style: 13 Brilliant pumpkin ideas to stand out this Halloween, from easy to difficult

Oh my Gourd! Today’s the day, Halloween has finally arrived - if you’re still lacking inspiration for your pumpkin then here are some fun ideas that can help out.

Although carving turnips is the Halloween tradition here in Scotland, the average household will carve a pumpkin - this is because it is much easier to carve and either way you have a ton of creative freedom.

To get started all you need is the root vegetable of your choice, a reliable set of carving tools, a splash of patience but firstly a little inspiration, assuming you want to create art beyond the average Jack-O-Lantern.

To make your carved gourd as ‘gourd-eous’ as it can be this year, here are 13 brilliant pumpkin carving ideas you can try this Halloween - ranging from easy to difficult.

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