A new poll has announced the 15 happiest places to live in Scotland. Cr: Getty Images/Canva Pro

Here are the 14 happiest places to live in Scotland 2022 - where do Edinburgh and Glasgow rank?

The happiest places to live in Scotland has been revealed following the results of a new poll.

Said to be one of the friendliest nations on the globe, many have spoken of their desire to live in Scotland due to its reputation of being a welcoming place.

However, how do the residents that currently live in Scotland feel about the towns and cities they live in?

Well, we might just have the answer thanks to Rightmove’s Happy at Home study, now in its 11th year, which asks over 21,000 people how they feel about where they live.

Here is a list of the 14 happiest places in live in Scotland in 2022.

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