Abandoned castle with links to Robert the Bruce for sale in Perthshire

An abandoned castle and modern mansion on land gifted by a grateful Robert the Bruce after Bannockburn are on sale for a bargain price of £730,000.

Culdees Castle - the ultimate baronial fixer-upper - was last lived in 1968 and has been put on the market for the first time in almost 100 years.

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And while the new owner is working on that, a seven-bedroom mansion in the 18-acre grounds provides plenty of accommodation.

Set in the pictureque village of Muthill, in Perthshire, the B-listed castle dates from 1810 and was built for Charles Drummond, whose clan were gifted the land by Robert the Bruce after the Battle of Bannockburn.

Picture: the abandoned castle, Galbraith

The beautiful castle lies in a state of disrepair and requires a complete renovation, although the "magnificent" spiral stone staircase remains intact.

In their description, sellers Galbraith say: "Culdees Castle was built in 1810 for Charles Drummond, whose clan was rewarded for fighting with Robert the Bruce, with lands in Perthshire, including that of Kildees and designed by James Gillespie Graham as a 2-3 storey mansion house .

"It was baronialised and extended with a new wing and chapel in 1867. The castle has been owned by the current family for 95 years. It was last lived in 1968.

It continues: "The castle today is in a state of disrepair, but has a magnificent stone spiral staircase leading to the upper floors of which the East wing roof is mainly intact.

"There is also some exceptional stonework in the castle."

Picture: the mansion house, Glabraith

Directly next door to the castle is the relatively modern mansion, featuring five reception rooms and a tree-lined driveway.

Galbraith add in their brochure: "Culdees mansion house is situated to the west of the castle and is a detached two storey family house.

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"The property enjoys a magnificent position, overlooking the valley of Strathearn towards the Sma' Glen and offers a peaceful setting with some exceptional mature trees in the well kept surrounding gardens.

"It is an ideal family home in its own right and would also be an excellent residence whilst restoring the castle."

Picture: Culdees Castle, Galbraith

Black and white photos of Culdees Castle - which has belonged to the same family for the past 95 years - show the elegant country home during its finer days.

Picture: the castle before it was uninhabited, Galbraith

The images, from 1967 - a year before it was abandoned - provide a glimpse at what life would have been like in the stately house.

Picture: Galbraith

However, current photos show trees growing from the inside of the building and ivy having taken over large areas of the external walls.

The land on which the castle was built was gifted to the Drummond clan afterthe son of Cheif Malcom Beg, also known as Sir Malcom, fought at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

Prior to the battle, Malcom of Drummond was credited with the deployment of caltropes - iron spikes which, when thrown onto the ground, always have one spike uppermost.

Picture: Culdees Castle, Galbraith

James Gillespie Graham, designer of the former grand home, was also notable for designing some of Scotland's most well-known buildings.

Some of his principal churches include St Andrew's Cathedral in Glasgow and the imposing Highland Tolbooth Church - now known as the The Hub - in Edinburgh.