7 of the most impressive garden mazes to get lost in around the UK

The UK is full of beautiful places to explore outdoors, but if you are keen to take on an adventure a little more out of the ordinary, these impressive mazes provide the perfect challenge.

These impressive mazes provide the perfect challenge
These impressive mazes provide the perfect challenge

Full of twists and turns, Quid Corner have put together a list of the best giant garden mazes around the UK which are sure to provide hours of entertainment. Could you find your way out of these?

Made up of more than 3,000 yew trees and covering almost two acres, this complex maze reveals a cannon firing a ball, banners and trumpets, inspired by Grinling Gibbon's Panoply of Victory carvings on the roof of the main building.
Created by a community of more than 5,000 people and formed of over 6,000 yew trees, this maze is a symbol of peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and if you make it to the middle you get to ring a special bell.
Perfect for youngsters because of its low trees, this beech tree maze covers more than 2,500 square metres and includes a number of fenced gates to make the route to the centre harder to crack.
This labyrinth of Leyland cypress and beech trees contains no dead ends, but is still a tricky maze to solve, with some visitors having to find four stopping points along the way to the heart.
This corncob-based maze changes its route every year, with the theme this year being Crops and Robbers. The maze features three miles of paths and two towers, and is set on a working farm amid the Duchy of Cornwall estate.
Located at Noah's Ark Zoo, this Mega Monster Maze is the longest hedge maze in Britain, with around 14,000 beech trees lining the way. Seven of Noah's animals can be spotted on route and there is also a mini maze to tackle alongside it.
Created from more than one million maize plants, York Maze is the largest in the UK, covering an area bigger than eight football pitches. The puzzle is redesigned every year, with the theme last year being Jurassic Park.