After establishing its first site in Glasgow's southside two years ago, Apercu recently branched out into Edinburgh's west end - opening their new store in Haymarket this August. Here you'll find a flourishing range of cacti and succulents, terrariums and small to giant houseplants. This houseplant haven also offers up pots, accessories and even Marimo moss balls (the adorable spherical balls of algae hailing from Japan), meaning there is always something for every curious customer. 14 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 5JZ

9 of Edinburgh's best plant shops

With recent new additions to Edinburgh’s growing houseplant shop scene in the form of Green Meadows and Moss & Fern, we did a round up of some of the best plant shops to be found in the Capital.

With winter on the way, houseplants present a fun and healthy way of bringing the outdoors in – check out some of the best plant shops in Edinburgh where you can pick up some of the leafiest, loveliest specimens available.

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