Four things you should know this morning

It’s never too early to learn something new, like how much are Scottish football teams worth and who were the skeletons found in an Edinburgh car park, as well as a couple of other things.

Raising a child in Scotland costs an average of £635 a month. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Raising a child in Scotland costs an average of £635 a month. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Raising a child in Scotland costs an average of £635 a month. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

What are Scotland’s football clubs worth?

Football has always been an important piece of Scottish history - for better and for worse. And while many people have argued over who is the best club, we now know who is worth the most money.

At the top, it’s no surprise that we find Celtic Football club. Worth £46.6 million, the Bhoys are quite a bit in front of other football teams. Due to some prudent financial stewardship, the SPL champions are sitting comfortable.

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Coming in second, is Celtic rivals Rangers Football club with a net worth of £31.5 million. Years of financial uncertainty resulted in the clubs liquidation in 2012, leaving them worth less than in previous years.

How important is tourism to Scotland?

During the summer season, and especially during the festival season in the capital, it’s very easy to feel frustrated with the in flock of tourists. So is all the hassle of promoting a tourist industry worth it? 211,200 of Scottish jobs are in the tourist industry. And with a 10 per cent increase in tourist spending last year, visitors spent a combined total of £4.9 billion. So, probably worth the stress then.

Who were the skeletons found in the Edinburgh car park?

In 1975, work went underway to construct a car park in Cramond, Scotland’s oldest inhabited village. What construction workers weren’t expecting to find was the remains of nine bodies buried in the ground. New forensic tests have revealed that the bodies are up to 1500-years-old and from several generations of a long-forgotten “royal family”.

How much does it cost to raise a child

Starting a family can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life - but also the most expensive. New data shows that the cost of rasing a child to age 11 will set back Scottish families an average of £87,000. This is a three per cent increase on last year, now reaching an average of £635 per month. While lower than the national average - which is bumped up by the cost of raising a child in London - the annual Halifax Cost of Children research shows a worrying trend.