Whisky of the week: The Naked Grouse

These are not easy times for the whisky drinker on a moderate pay packet.With our disposable incomes under attack we’re having to cut back or compromise on our monthly purchases.

Step forward The Naked Grouse - a little ray of sunshine in these challenging economic times.

At £27.69, buyers will find a rich luxurious whisky at a price not too hard on the wallet.

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It is part of the Edrington Groups’ Grouse portfolio which includes The Famous Grouse, Black Grouse and Snow Grouse.

This is a whisky aimed at the established drinker who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

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With no age declaration, its maker is keen to challenge the views that age always equates to quality and that single malts always out-do blends on the quality front.

It is a direct competitor to Monkey Shoulder and could also sway drinkers who normally opt for mainline single malts such as Glenlivet and Glenfiddich.

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There are no bells and whistles here. The bottle is almost apothecary-style and is plugged by a fat cork.

It’s sweet winy flavour is derived from its maturation in first fill sherry casks which cost five times the industry standard.

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Its appearance could be described as bronzed, brassy, gold and rich.

The nose is a pleasant array of black cherries and dark chocolate with a soft under-current of wood.

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Its taste is pleasantly sweet and thick with notes of dried raisins and cinnamon.

The sweet winy flavour is aided by its component malts of Macallan and Highland Park.

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The finish is a mix of sweet and spicy notes.

This is a whisky that you would bring out on those semi-special occasions.

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Every sip is pleasure and not a chore. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into teasing the flavours out it just tastes good.