Whisky of the Week: The Glenrothes Select Reserve

SIT with any expression of The Glenrothes and you could be there for hours carefully unpicking the delicate flavours lurking within.

It is a distillery that is respected throughout the industry and requires a bit of thought before it can be enjoyed - the thinking man’s malt if you like.

The Glenrothes Select Reserve is a step out of the norm for the Speyside distiller as its other expressions are bottled by vintage or the year in which they were produced.

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The Reserve however was made by the vatting of casks from different years.

The Glenrothes mature their spirit in ex-Sherry casks and ex-Bourbon casks.

Nose: There is an strong rich and smooth caramel aroma infused with winy overtones. There are also sharp citrus aromas with strong peach notes coming to the fore.

Taste: A fiery and spicy spirit on the pallette, the 43% ABV clearly to evident. It is a whisky which takes a moment to settle before warm malty notes emerge alongside strands of tangerine.

Finish: Warming with reassuring malty and orange notes

Price: £29.99